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We are Svitlana Ostrovska and Olena Mishyna, Ukrainian artists and designers. We are the best friends and colleagues.

We believe that one of the goals of painting is to see and convey inner beauty through an external form. We love our occupation. In every work we try to put a piece of this love.

We graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Graduated from the faculty of fine arts, the department of easel painting.

Also we write portraits and nude of people. Our goal is not only to depict the external image of man, but also in desire to convey the most characteristic and important things that we discover in him.

You can watch a video presentation of our work here.

That’s why in every stroke we try to reproduce beauty, warmth, inspiration, gladness or sadness, sense of harmony, calmness or emotional experience, to give people that experience which gives them their favourite book, something from their childhood years or wonderful music.

Earlier result of our work was oil painting on a canvas, watercolor paintings and graphic arts. Now you can see our drawings on your clothes. And posters should be placed at home or in the office.

Probably it is important for every person to surround themselves with comfortable unique things. Our store will help you with this.

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